Turn Key Process


Below is an outline of the general process you can expect to go through for a Turn Key offering from a building company. This process relates to the design and build of a home on a section that they are offering as a package.


Section viewing

We will meet at the section to discuss the topography, shape, size, sun aspect, views and access. All of these factors help us establish design parameters such as foundation type and layout of rooms, etc. We’ll also contact the local authority to check out any information or regulations they have on the property that will effect the house design and construction.


Design brief

We listen to what you would like to incorporate into your new home design, how you’d like it to look, and your budget and time frame. Typically you can start with one of our plans and customise it to better suit your requirements. Or we can create a unique house plan just for you. Alternatively, you can bring us your own design – we can work with that too!


Concept Design

Once you’re satisfied with the brief, we’ll have our designer prepare the concept design drawings. During this process we will gather further information on your site from the local authority and assess any impact it may have on your design. We’ll then present you with the concept design for you’re feedback. This includes a site plan showing how your home will be oriented on your site, floor plan, and elevations showing cladding, roof line and windows etc.


Sign the contract

Once you’re happy with the design, and confirmed the specifications and any variations you would like, we’ll provide the builder will confirm the price. Variations for example, may be upgrading your kitchen benchtop, insulating the garage door or you may want to change appliances from our standard specification.
Once you confirm you’re happy with the fixed price, a Sale & Purchase agreement is drafted up for a turn key build which is subject to you obtaining finance and your lawyer’s approval within 12 working days. Once you confirm the Sale & Purchase agreement you pay the appropriate deposit (typically 10%).


Construction Drawings and consent

Now the contracts are confirmed, a topographic survey (if required is ordered), construction drawings will be prepared followed by engineering. Note: Based on results of the Topographical survey retaining walls if any will be confirmed and additional costs may result. If the title is issued, the construction drawings and engineering calculations are submitted to local authorities for a Building Consent. This is typically a 4 to 6 week process.


Kitchen, colours & finishes

While the drawings are in for consent, this is a good time for you to choose the colour scheme & finishes within the scope provided.


Building Starts

Once your building consent is issued the builder will set about starting according to the building schedule. Building usually takes around 28-36 weeks depending on the size and complexity of your home. During the building phase you can come on site on request to see how things are progressing.


Move In!

On completion of your build and landscaping, and once the local authority are satisfied, a code of compliance is issued. Your bank will pay the final payment to the builder. The builder then transfers the 10-year Build Guarantee in your name/s. You’ll be invited for a final walk-through to check that you are happy with everything. Handover. The builder will present you with relevant documentation including product warranties and maintenance information, and the keys.

Relax and enjoy your brand new home!